Bootylicious Booty Photo Books
  Not a fan of reading? Well here's two Bootylicious Booty picture books that will blow your mind, 'The Big Butt Book' and 'Culo'. The Booty is the new epicentre of female sexuality, desire, and empowerment. These photo books pay tribute to the fine female form that will make an excellent addition to your personal collection or even an interesting read to place on your coffee table for your guests to gawk at. The insatiable appetite for the Booty Connoisseur is never ending. 'The Big Butt Book' and 'Culo' are two great Butt books where t..
Julius Culdrose - The Butt Loving Novelist
Now here's an author that is close to the Pygophiles heart, Julius Culdrose.  Mr Culdrose is regarded as the absolute authority on the female Bottom, although we here at Bombshell Bums would like to challenge that. He's an Oxbridge educated author who has published two books based on the escapades of an...well, an Assman.  'Derrière' and 'Cheeks' are two fantASStic reads for Pygophiliacs and his indulgence in Booty will certainly ring true to Bubble Butt lovers the world over. Mr Culdrose delves into the Bum worshipping world as only an ..
Top 5 Booty Songs That Are Not Hip Hop or Rap
We are all pretty well versed in Booty themed songs from the Hip Hop / Rap world, but when it comes to Booty appreciation, it crosses all genres of music. Bombshell Bums® explores the Rock, Heavy Metal, Country and even Dance music scenes to present you with a list of Top 5 Booty Lovin'Songs that are not Hip Hop or rap. 5. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk- Trace Adkins "Lord have mercy how'd she even get them britches on With that honky tonk badonkadonk."  Ah yes, that question that captivates and mystifies all Booty Lovers, how did she fit Dat Ass in..
14 Things You Should Know About Butts
14 Things You Should Know About Butts. We’re so obsessed with Butts but how much do you really know about yours? There are certain things you should know about your Butt when it comes to your health and the team at wants to keep you informed on all things Bootyful. There are some really interesting scientific reasons why our Booties and Butts are the way they are. You may have always wondered why your Butt is bigger than your bf’s… Butts are just fascinating. We live in a world filled with booty-obsessed people. And that has had an effect ..
Aphrodite Kallipygos - A Tale Of Two Booties
Aphrodite Kallipygos - A Tale Of Two Booties. Did you know? Booty devotion is as old as time itself. The ancient Greeks immortalised and worshiped the Bubble Butt in the form of a huge statue and temple. The statue, called Aphrodite or Venus Kallipygos, (Kallipygos meaning Beautiful Buttocks), depicts a partially draped woman raising her light robe to uncover her hips and buttocks, looking back and down over her shoulder, perhaps to admire her own Backside...she knows she's got game back there. So who is Aphrodite Kallipygos? Legend tells of two poor but Bootylicious sisters li..
Show Your Bubble Butt Some Valentine’s Love
Are you sick of “traditional” Valentine’s day gifts? Are you tired of all the chocolate and roses and fancy dinners where mushy couples sit around staring longingly into their partner’s eyes? Are you looking for something a little more edgy and exciting that shows the world how much you appreciate the feminine curves of a luscious lady? If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s day gift to show your loved one that their sweet, sexy booty is the only bum for you, then you really should invest in an original, high quality, and very cheeky, novelty T-Shi..
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Rio 2016:  Shake That Tee
    This is that time of year when you feel the after effects of holiday shopping, New Year’s hangovers, and decorations you don’t want to take down… again. The post-holiday blues can rear their head no matter how prepared you are, but we have an idea that’ll get your ass in gear for two of the hottest, booty-shaking weeks of summer. It’s 2016 and the Olympics are in party-licious Rio de Janeiro. That’s Brazil, friends and neighbors, and what says “dem jeans, dat ass” better than that.   Party like it’s 2016 in R..
Finish Your Christmas Shopping with a Kickass Shirt from Bombshell Bums
Do you find yourself giving the same types of gifts to your friends, year after year? Are you uninspired by the rows of candles, foodie gift baskets, and fancy teas found in every store this season? Christmas parties and gatherings give us the chance to hang out and relax, but finding the perfect present for close friends can make the gift exchange portion of the evening uncomfortable. Whether you are participating in a Secret Santa exchange or just want a light-hearted present for a friend, Bombshell Bums has a great selection of hilarious novelty t-shirts you won’t find anywhere else. ..
Novelty T-shirts

Are you a fashion buff or do you adore Zuckerberg’s t-shirt-infested sense of style? Whatever your taste, you will concur that novelty t-shirts are the in-thing in contemporary fashion.  While most new designs are proving to be fads that can’t even hold their own for 2 years, these t-shirts have proven that indeed simple does it in fashion.

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Welcome to Bombshell Bums®, where you will find great quality T-shirts with cheeky designs. The ancient Greeks immortalised the Booty in honor of Aphrodite Kallypigos, the goddess of the Bubble Butt. Legend has it that her Bum was so good, they built a Temple and a 12ft statue to worship it. Now thats devotion! Like the ancient Greeks, the team here at Bombshell Bums know a good Bum, so we put them on shirts for you to wear. Thats right, every shirt we sell has a Booty design on it! All our designs are printed on great quality apparel using latest printing methods. Our shirts are soft, light a..
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