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where you will find great quality T-shirts with cheeky designs. New and exciting styles and designs celebrating all things BOOTYLICIOUS coming soon. So sign up to our mailing list and stay up to date with all the latest Bombshell Bums® range of apparel and special offers.

Bombshell Bums is a T-shirt company with a passion for creating crazy T-shirts that will bring absolute cheekiness to any situatio-nwhether it’s a dorm room party, a long line at Starbucks, break room chatter, or bar mitzvahs, all starting at $15 a shirt. Our designs are inspired by all things butt.

We won’t bum you out with low quality shirts.

Our team knows a good bum, so we put them on shirts for you to wear! Each of our “kickass” funny T-shirts are soft, light, and attention grabbing-just like a nice booty. And not only do they look and feel good, our shirts are printed on quality fabric using the latest printing methods.

No need to get your ass off the couch to buy a shirt!

And because we understand that going out just to buy a shirt is such a “pain in the ass”, you can order a shirt from us right here, right now, on our site! To make sure you get the right size, we’ve included a size chart under the description of each item you select.

Take a break from the usual lousy shirts. Stop getting some “junk” in the trunk and order some booty T-shirts from Bombshell Bums today.

Oh, butt wait! Before you order, check out our special offers. We update them every now and then, so check back regularly.

We create novelty T-shirts that bring a butt-load of fun in your life!