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14 Things You Should Know About Butts


We’re so obsessed with Butts but how much do you really know about yours?

There are certain things you should know about your Butt when it comes to your health and the team at wants to keep you informed on all things Bootyful. There are some really interesting scientific reasons why our Booties and Butts are the way they are. You may have always wondered why your Butt is bigger than your bf’s…

Butts are just fascinating. We live in a world filled with booty-obsessed people. And that has had an effect on our society, our culture too. The size and shape of your butt is important for people nowadays. And we just like looking at butts let’s be honest. So if you want to learn more about butts and you cannot lie then just read on…

14. To be a ‘Callipygian’ is to have a beautifully shaped Bum

 Nowadays everyone is into getting or keeping their butt looking lifted and plump. If you have been blessed with a full beautiful bum then you are considered to be a callipygian. Even if you work hard to get a big shapely butt then you are also a callipygian.

13. Your Booty is supposed to be bigger than your boyfriend’s

 Thankfully women are becoming more and more proud of what they’re packing. It’s a good job because it’s normal to have a big booty, in fact it’s the way we’ve evolved. Women have bigger butts than their boyfriends because oestrogen makes our bodies store fat in our behinds rather than around our stomachs. So you might have a curvy behind and he has a flat pancake thing going on and that’s fine, it’s natural.

12. Butt acne is a common problem

 You might have had facial acne as a teenager or even as an adult. You’ve probably heard of “bacne” too, that’s when the unsightly pimples cover your back. You may not have heard however that people can get acne on their butts. Spotty bums are in fact quite common as bacteria can get trapped in your clothes quite easily. Fortunately, the condition is treatable. You can avoid getting butt acne in the first place by wearing panties that let your skin breathe, changing out of your gym clothes as quickly as possible after a workout and exfoliating regularly. Get rid of the acne on your butt in the same way you would facial acne, by using acne cleansers and ointments.

11. “Butt chugging” is really bad for you

 Have you seen pictures of drunken fools “butt chugging” their booze on social media? It’s as gross as it sounds. It involves placing a bottle of liquor in your butt (maybe while doing a headstand) and absorbing the alcohol that way. In case you hadn’t already guessed it’s really really bad for you. The alcohol gets into your bloodstream much more quickly which can have dangerous results. It’s difficult to get rid of the alcohol in your body because it’s not in your stomach. So you can’t throw it up no matter how ill you feel. Basically butt chugging is as stupid as it is gross.

10. We like to be compliment on our Booty

 According to a survey by Men’s Health / Women’s Health magazines, around a third of women like it best when someone compliments their butt. Also, women like to have their butt complimented more than when somebody compliments their eyes or their boobs. So when you want to give a friend a compliment, don’t tell her she has pretty eyes tell her she has a pretty butt.

9. You can get a bigger Booty without surgery

 If you want to get a butt of Kardashian proportions it’s not necessary to go to the extreme and get a Brazilian butt lift (a popular surgical procedure). Your butt is made up of a group of muscles and so you can work on making it bigger through exercise. To make your gluteus maximus bigger you’ll want to do exercises that focus on the lower half of your body such as squats and lunges. Some cardiovascular workouts, such as running, can make your butt smaller because they reduce the fat stores in your body. So you need to incorporate a butt workout into your routine if you want a shapely butt.

8. Guys also want bigger Butts?

 It seems that women are constantly obsessing over their butts these days. But apparently guys do it too. They also want a big old booty according to New York surgeon, Dr Douglas Steinbrech. Around 10% of the people who get butt implants are male claims Steinbrech. Apparently they do so because they want to achieve a more athletic like an NFL star. As we now know, guys naturally have smaller butts thanks to their genetics. So maybe they’re keen to get implants because it’s harder for them to build up a Booty.

7. Women with bigger Bums might be smarter

 A study carried out by Oxford University showed that big butts might be linked to intelligence. This is because the bigger your booty is the more omega-3 fats you have in your body. Omega-3 fats are what aid brain development and can also be found in fish, nuts and beans in case you were wondering. So there’s another reason to love your big butt, not only does it look good it might be making you smarter!

6. You can get skin cancer on your Butt

 It’s hard to imagine it happening because most people don’t walk around with their butts hanging out. In other words you’re less likely to regularly expose your bum to the sun. Doctors warn that people can get a melanoma where they would least expect to and so it often goes unnoticed. Skin cancer might appear between your fingers, on your scalp, on your armpits and of course on the skin of your butt. The obvious thing to do is to take a good look at your butt from time to time, checking for unusual moles etc.

5. You can buy some really weird products for your Butt

 Butts are such a hot topic that all manner of crazy products that have something to do with your butt have come onto the market. For example, you can buy a bejazzled “butt crack cover”. It’s a piece of fabric you stick at the top of your butt so nobody can see that particular intimate region when your jeans slide down a little. Here’s another random one, you can buy stones upon which a magic spell has been cast to increase the size of your hips and butt. The Etsy shop that sells the stones is run by a coven of witches…

4. Baby wipes are bad for your Bum

  Let’s start by saying that we all poop so it’s cool to talk about pooping. When you go to the toilet you might be tempted to use wet wipes or baby wipes instead of regular toilet paper, probably because you think you’ll end up cleaner. But using baby wipes on your butt can actually be bad for you. For some people it can cause allergic reactions and contact dermatitis. That’s why you should stick to washing with soap and water, and using good old loo roll when you go to the bathroom.

3. Big Butts might make you live longer

 And it could be the reason why women generally live longer than men. Having a fat butt is healthier than having a fat belly. Storing fat around your middle puts you at a higher risk for diabetes and heart disease. Plus, the fat that’s in your lower body produces chemicals (such as leptin and adiponectin if you want to know the fancy names) and these chemicals actually protect your body. So, according to scientific research it’s healthy to have a fat booty.

2. You should get your Butt checked by the doctor

 The thought of exposing your rear end to a doctor can be really cringey. But if stuff is happening down there you need to get it checked out because it could turn out to be a health problem. Even if you just have an itchy bum, it could be eczma or a similar skin condition that can easily be done away with by using a cream. Or on the more serious side of things you may be at risk of colon cancer if you have symptoms such as bleeding or a bump. However, there’s no need to freak too much if that’s the case because the symptoms related to hemorrhoids are quite similar to those related to colon cancer. Just make sure you have a healthy booty OK?

1. There’s a name for people who are into Booty

 When somebody is aroused by Butts it’s called “Pygophilia”. It’s no surprise that there are so many Pygophiliacs out there and of course they shop at  www.bombshellbums.comI don’t know about you but I’m yet to meet a person who doesn’t find a Booty sexy. Juicy booties are all the rage. They’re plastered across our TV screens and the pages of magazines. Aren’t we all Pygophiles?

– By Kelly O – Sources:

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