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Aphrodite Kallipygos – A Tale Of Two Booties


Did you know?
Booty devotion is as old as time itself.
The ancient Greeks immortalised and worshiped the Bubble Butt in the form of a huge statue and temple.
The statue, called Aphrodite or Venus Kallipygos, (Kallipygos meaning Beautiful Buttocks), depicts a partially draped woman raising her light robe to uncover her hips and buttocks, looking back and down over her shoulder, perhaps to admire her own Backside…she knows she’s got game back there.

So who is Aphrodite Kallipygos?

Legend tells of two poor but Bootylicious sisters living in ancient Greece.
After much research, we concluded that they were not the Coco sisters
Nonetheless, the sisters, who argued which of the pair had the most scrumptious Booty of them all…a well rounded argument I’m sure, summoned a bystander who was asked to judge for himself which Booty ruled the universe.
Much like a gathering at the local Zorba Twerk Fest, they revealed their shapely Bums to him.
When the young man came to, he chose the older sister, Aphrodite, as having the most spectacular Bubble Butt of them all, thus crowning her Miss Kallipygos 300 BC,
Now in love, the young man, who came from a wealthy family, ran home to tell of his good fortune to his younger brother who also demanded in on the action.
Subsequently, the younger brother fell in love with the younger, also well shaped Booty sister.
Like Kanye, or Ice T for that matter, the brothers put a ring on it and married their newly found Booty Queens.
Either the towns people got a glimpse at the pair of Booties during the Bubble Bum showdown or the sisters where trigger happy with showing off there assets because as it seems, the ancient Greek town took notice and built the statue in honour of Aphrodite’s mesmerising Butt.
Kind of like how this town erected a Big Banana as a local attraction,

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