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Show Your Bubble Butt Some Valentines Love

Are you sick of “traditional” Valentine’s day gifts? Are you tired of all the chocolate and roses and fancy dinners where mushy couples sit around staring longingly into their partner’s eyes? Are you looking for something a little more edgy and exciting that shows the world how much you appreciate the feminine curves of a luscious lady? If…

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Rio 2016: Shake that Tee

This is that time of year when you feel the after effects of holiday shopping, New Year’s hangovers, and decorations you don’t want to take down… again. The post-holiday blues can rear their head no matter how prepared you are, but we have an idea that’ll get your ass in gear for two of the hottest, booty-shaking weeks…

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Novelty T-Shirts

Are you a fashion buff or do you adore Zuckerberg’s t-shirt-infested sense of style? Whatever your taste, you will concur that novelty t-shirts are the in-thing in contemporary fashion.  While most new designs are proving to be fads that can’t even hold their own for 2 years, these t-shirts have proven that indeed simple does it in fashion. Versatile Fashion…

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First Article

Welcome to Bombshell Bums®, where you will find great quality T-shirts with cheeky designs. The ancient Greeks immortalised the Booty in honor of Aphrodite Kallypigos, the goddess of the Bubble Butt. Legend has it that her Bum was so good, they built a Temple and a 12ft statue to worship it. Now thats devotion! Like the ancient Greeks,…

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