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Bootylicious Booty Photo Books


Not a fan of reading?
Well here’s two Bootylicious Booty picture books that will blow your mind, ‘The Big Butt Book’ and ‘Culo’.

The Booty is the new epicentre of female sexuality, desire, and empowerment. These photo books pay tribute to the fine female form that will make an excellent addition to your personal collection or even an interesting read to place on your coffee table for your guests to gawk at.

The insatiable appetite for the Booty Connoisseur is never ending. ‘The Big Butt Book’ and ‘Culo’ are two great Butt books where theres BackSide pride and delight with every turn of the page that is sure to please the Pygophile within.

Combined, theres over 400 pages of art, fashion and pop culture Booties that prove that the world is no longer flat. The Derriere is now an object of worldwide mainstream admiration as the most covenant ASSet.

Italians touch the Derriere for good luck. Americans are having their Bums cosmetically enhanced. The Greeks worshipped the Bubble Butt with their goddess Aphrodite Kallipygos, the female Bum, Tush, Culo, or Derrire has always inspired a dedicated following of devotion and every photo in these books recognise that fact.

So wether you love Sweet Butt Cheeks in 3-D, (The Big Butt Booki’s also available in 3-D), or even 2-D for that matter, these Booty photo books are a cornucopia of delectably rounded Bubble Bums that is definitely recommend by Bombshell Bums.

Note: Stay tuned for the Bombshell Bums ‘The Big Butt Book 3-D’ give away coming soon for your chance to win this masterpiece absolutely FREE!