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Julius Culdrose – the Butt Loving Novelist


Now here’s an author that is close to the Pygophiles heart, Julius Culdrose.

Mr Culdrose is regarded as the absolute authority on the female Bottom, although we here at Bombshell Bums would like to challenge that.

He’s an Oxbridge educated author who has published two books based on the escapades of an…well, an Assman. 

Derrière‘ and ‘Cheeks‘ are two fantASStic reads for Pygophiliacs and his indulgence in Booty will certainly ring true to Bubble Butt lovers the world over.

Mr Culdrose delves into the Bum worshipping world as only an Assman can.

Although a dominant man in his relationships, Mr Culdrose certainly has a weakness and that is that he’s ruled by his lovers Backsides.

From voyeurism, exhibitionism, spanking (The British have perfected the fine art of spanking, we’ll give them that), to helping his lovers come of age and realise their Booty beauty potential and how their Backsides can enrich their relationship. 

His novels have it all, heartbreaks to Booty triumphs, Mr Culdrose will take you on an adventure through the eyes of the Booty obsessed. These novels won’t disappoint.

So if you have a fASSination with Butts, Bums and Booties, Bombshell Bums certainly recommends ‘Derrière‘ and ‘Cheeks‘ by Julius Culdrose as great reads that will titillate the Booty Connoisseurs senses.

Add these two books to your Bootyfiles.

Bombshell Bums