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3D Gel Booty Bum Mouse Pad

Brand: Bombshell Bums®
Product Code: 3D Gel Booty Bum Mouse Pad
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Our 3D Booty Mouse Pad has a broad, flat surface to control your Mouse in with deep soft Booty Cheeks that will gently cup your wrist for optimal support and comfort.

If you’re like most people, you’ve been waiting your entire life to rest your wrist on a Bubble Butt like this.

Well the wait is over!

Introducing the Bombshell Bums 3D Gel Booty Bum Mouse Pad, designed to titillate the senses, but go easy on the wrist.

It’s a tale as old as time, (or at least as old as the computer, anyways). A few hours spent clicking and working away when the wrist pain begins – turns out your hand shouldn’t have been in that position for so long. A normal mouse pad couldn’t help with that. By elevating the hand into a more ergonomically friendly position, these 3D Booty Mouse Pads can keep you clicking away on your computer to your heart’s desire.

It’s a rare day when sexy and function collide to make something so useful.

Try our 3D Soft Booty Bum Mouse Pad. It’s easy on the wrist – and even easier on the eyes.

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  • Size: 260mm x 210mm
  • 3-D Gel Mouse Pad

Bombshell Bums® the Booty Boutique.

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