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I Love Bubble Butts Singlet

Brand: Bombshell Bums®
Product Code: I Love Bubble Butts Singlet
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You love two sights more than anything – a big ol’ heart shaped Bubble Butt, and sunlight dappling your bulging biceps.

Well boy, do we have the singlet for you!

The Bombshell Bums® “I Love Bubble Butts” Singlet features the statement we know you’ll agree with. In fact, we’re pretty sure everyone agrees with it.

This is for the fellow who’s fond of fine Booties, and demands extra mobility in the arm region to accomplish any variety of athletic tasks that an average sleeved shirt might only hinder.

Lifting weights? Yup. Chopping wood? Hell yeah. Strolling by the beach? Even Better. This singlet helps accentuate your good side while letting everyone know what good side you’re interested in…the Bubble Butt.

Our Singlet is made for comfort and style. Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, it comes in Grey or Teal to suit the style of every Butt aficionado who needs to feel the breeze on their upper arms.

We like to think of this Singlet as a great way to get to know other people in situations where a sleeveless shirt is appropriate. There’s no better way of finding a spotter for your bench press attempts than opening a conversation with a mutually agreeable like minded Ass-man.

Or perhaps on the beach, with potential Bubble Butts in every direction –  what Booties would you miss out on if they thought you didn’t heart them? Make you connection with your Butt-blessed soul mate today with our singlet.

Never wonder or worry again. Pick up our “I Love Bubble Butts” Singlet! And heck, it does come in two colors, so pick up a spare for yourself, or grab one for a sleeve-hating, Booty loving friend.

You’ve  got the guns, they’ve got the buns! Just like a good Bubble Butt, this Singlet is not subtle.


  • Two colours to choose from
  • 100% Cotton, 150 GSM
  • Double needle bottom hem
  • Pre-shrunk fabric to reduce shrinkage

Bombshell Bums® the Booty Boutique.

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