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Kabuum! Booty T-shirt

Brand: Bombshell Bums®
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Many people think that splitting the atom to create a nuclear reaction was the most powerful force ever created.

We’re more inclined to think it’s a great Ass.

Regardless of which side of the debate you stand on, we’ve got a the T-shirt  for you! The Bombshell Bums® ¾ sleeve KABUUM Booty T-Shirt combines the jaw dropping, apocalyptic mushroom cloud of a nuclear detonation with something much easier to feast the eyes on: a beautiful Booty.

Put it this way – if you looked out onto the horizon and saw the plume of death incarnate rising before you, it would be absolutely terrifying. But if you saw a big round Booty rising from the explosive mushroom cloud instead, well, that’s just downright wonderful.

We’re sure your friends, family and colleagues (if you happen to work at a particularly accepting office) would agree. Now you can share this “cheeky” sentiment with every person you meet! Hey, you’re a man of peace and Booty, not all out nuclear war.

Our  KABUUM T-Shirts is styled, comfortable and light and comes set on a background of Asphalt Black for maximum visibility. It’s 100% cotton to keep you cool, even if it’s hotter than the epicenter in a  nuclear blast. And it comes pre-shrunk so you don’t have to worry about your own laundry apocalypse.

This T-Shirt is great for making a BOOM in social situations. Slip it on, and just wait and see how fast people approach you to ask about it. “Is it just a nuclear t-shirt?” they might ask from across the street. No, it’s something far more special, it’s a great Booty T-shirt.

Give your night out on the town that extra blast with our KABUUM shirt. Good for a laugh, or just pure, unadulterated Bubble Butt appreciation.

Nuclear arms or Nuclear Bums? You decide.


  • 150 GSM 100% cotton, soft, light and comfortable
  • Shoulder to shoulder tape
  • Fabric pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage
  • Double needle bottom hem and sleeve

Bombshell Bums® the Booty Boutique.

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