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Top 5 Booty Songs (That are NOT Hip Hop or Rap)


We are all pretty well versed in Booty themed songs from the Hip Hop / Rap world, but when it comes to Booty appreciation, it crosses all genres of music. Bombshell Bums® explores the Rock, Heavy Metal, Country and even Dance music scenes to present you with a list of Top 5 Booty Lovin’Songs that are not Hip Hop or rap.


“Lord have mercy how’d she even get them britches on

With that honky tonk badonkadonk.” 

Ah yes, that question that captivates and mystifies all Booty Lovers, how did she fit Dat Ass in Dem Jeans? You can picture just the Booty situation Trace is singing about here. Hypnotised by a big ol’ Bubble Butt wrapped in a snuggly pair of jeans. SWEET MERCY!

Is it a Country song? Is it a Country Pop song? Is it a Country Pop Dance song? The answer is a big ol’ YES. Booty unites musical genres.


This Dance song is the wildcard in our list simply for being…well, a Dance song. We had to include it because of the greatest lyric hook ever sung is the history of singing. “touch my bum, this is life” and boy do we agree.  Now, in some parts of the world, a ‘bum’ is a reference to an unfortunate person living on the streets, but to other parts of the world, it’s also another word for your Ass or Butt. So add the word Bum to your Booty vocabulary and appreciate the educational value this song and artists shared with you.


Classic Rockers ZZ Top will get your Butt off the seat with this grooving number. Sure you can dance to a rock song, just grab a girl and jive to this hot track. Lyrically, this song best fits the creed of a Buttman that no matter your mood or whereabouts, you’re almost certainly “…lookn’ for some Tush.” Its almost refreshing to have a Booty song with out mentioning the word ‘Booty’ in it and ‘Tush’ is definitely a cool upbeat hot rockn’ song to jiggle your Bum to…just like our3D Booty Mouse Pads.


This song is the Rock anthem for all the Booty Lover out there…and you know they’re out there. With great phat guitar riffing throughout, along with incredible vocals, this song takes you on a journey of Bootyful proportions. It tells a story of a innocent “skinny lad” who is brought to his Booty awakening courtesy of hisBubble Butt Nanny. The chorus ends with a cocksure statement that Assman across the globe can attest to, “Fat Bottom girls you make the rockn’ world go round”, and indeed they do. 


Parody Heavy Metalers Spinal Tap really bring out the ‘bottom end’ on this rockin’ number. This song oozes Booty so much so that it demands multiple Bass guitars to emphasise the swing and sway of a delightfully juicy Derrière. With clever lyrics as “big bottom drives me out of my mind, how can i leave this behind” you can’t help but close your eyes, punch your fist to the sky and sing along whole heartedly.


So there you have it, the Bombshell Bums® list of Top 5 Booty Songs.

Finally, we give special mention to County music artist David Allen Coe and his Booty song for all them Butt freaks out there. So check it out if your game by clicking here. Warning, this song is not suitable for children.

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